Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The folly of socialism

To appreciate the true folly of socialism and socialist rule and to understand why it has laid waste this country of ours, think of the population as divided into two classes: the majority donkeys and the less numerous, more endowed, and therefore the elite, horses (much as you may dislike the analogy, it remains a fair approximation to reality). When the donkeys are given the reins of power (after all, they have the numbers), the first law they pass is that no horse will be allowed to run faster than the average donkey. Soon, there are other equally stupid laws. Horses that want to run faster than a specified speed would be required to apply for a license from an authority manned by donkey bureaucrats. As the quota is limited, only one in ten would be given the license. Needless to add, the license goes to the horse that does the best job of licking the donkey arse. Fifty odd years after we became the masters of our own destiny, is it any wonder that we are so wretchedly poor.